Zoutlampen | Himalayazout

Himalaya salt, also known as Halite. It’s estimated to be 180 million years old and is found on a depth of 250 meters in the earth, from dried-up oceans. It’s apricot colored (pink-orange) crystal salt and so is the lamp, that creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We’re talking about living salt with a revitalizing effect on her environment.

Due to scientist the ratio between positive and negative ions in the air are determinative for your wellbeing. Scientific research has shown that the salt crystal neutralizes the air of excess positive ions from electronic smog, TV and computer screens, cigarette smoke and electrical devices. They can lead to dullness and depression. This can be solved by a high concentration of negative ions, to be found in salt crystals that can contribute in our living and working rooms. The amazing effects explains why wellness centers and spa’s nowadays frequently use Himalaya salt. It’s very vitalizing.

Himalayan lamps are partially hollowed out inside so that space is created for a lamp that causes heat and light and has an effect on the crystal salt.

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